Tales from the Flat Earth Society

1 12 2011

I had to write something about this because I discovered this group to today and I think it is so remarkable, I really had to share it with the world. I write this as an educated American in the year 2011. Despite all of our scientific and social strides forward, this group persists. I speak, of course, of the Flat-Earthers. Yes, in 21st-century America, there still exists a group of people who think the world is as flat as a pancake. Read the rest of this entry »


Can’t teach an old god new tricks

20 06 2011

Life is all about change. This is yet another reason why I do not accept the notion of some omnipotent, omniscient deity overseeing everything, from the grand scale of the universe to the goings-on in bedrooms on this tiny little rock.

Omniscient means you simply cannot teach god anything. It means that the Judeo-Christian notion of god would prevent that god from changing. God would be static, which must be immensely boring and tedious. Worse than that, god would be incapable of understanding his own creation. I don’t just mean humanity; he also can never understand the universe. The cosmos itself is transient. If god is permanent and unchanging, then he has no reference frame. He can only mimic kindness or sympathy.

In other words, screw god. He just doesn’t get us.

About to do something reckless and stupid

2 02 2011

The smart thing and the right thing are sometimes not the same thing. Should you do something simply because you can? I can do my job. It challenges me. I have learned a great deal from my job over the past seven months. Unfortunately, I do not get much satisfaction out of my work.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

I graduated from college about nine months ago and this is my first full-time, salaried job. I work as a web developer. I graduated with a degree in Informatics, which is an IT-related major. Before that, I was an Astronomy/Astrophysics major. Before that, a Geology major. Because my academic performance as an Astronomy major was not great, I decided I just wanted to graduate, so I found the easiest degree program I could, one that mildly interested me. I blasted right through, graduated, and got a job I could do but did not really care about.

This lack of interest or enthusiasm is no one’s fault but my own. I can get through each day, pushing sites out the door, but there is no fun in it for me. I like the people I work with. They are smart, nice, and knowledgable.

I did the smart thing. I got a steady job with good coworkers in a familiar city that is somewhat easy for me to execute. The question is did I do the right thing? I am considering doing something drastic and stupid but it might be the right thing for me to do. Let’s see if it acutally happens.

Thoughts on Apple’s new tablet

7 10 2009

Rumors have been flying about for many years that Apple will do a tablet device that will be like a scaled-up iPhone. Now the news comes out that Apple’s manufacturer in China, Foxconn, is producing them for launch in the first quarter of 2010. I have to say, this only strengthens my feelings on this topic. My feelings are as such:

STOP TALKING ABOUT THE FUCKING APPLE TABLET PLEASE!!! I have been hearing podcast after podcast where pundits and others who I deeply respect go on and on about a device that has been talked about but never produced or even hinted at. They have been creating this device and the real-world need for it in their distorted minds.

This sick obsession with a purely theoretical product is hindering efforts to produce meaningful, serious discourse through new media. I can no longer listen to a Mac- or iPhone-related podcast without a third of the conversation dominated by conspicous wanking over details of a product that hasn’t even been announced yet. Blogs are only marginally better. They still go on and on about the Apple tablet. This is probably because prolific podcasters typically make for prolific bloggers.

Let it go, you guys. If Apple announces a tablet next year or in five years, then that is when it will happen. Of course, if it does come out, the bloggers and podcasters who so enthusiastically fantasized about it will criticize it for its perceived shortcomings.

If the tablet is announced, then it is announced. Until then, just let it go and be patient, PLEASE.

I am a slacker

2 09 2009

I keep telling myself that I will sit down and write something on this thing. Why? There is a certain level of satisfaction in sitting down, typing out some stupid post, and submitting it for everyone to see. It makes me feel a little important, to be a producer of content, regardless of what it is, of what quality it is, or whether somebody actually reads my inane little rants. I do not think that I am very good at writing. It is just something that I like to do. If somebody reads, great. If not, then I will not be too surprised.
I will try to write more often. It helps keep the creative juices flowing. I do not really have any excuses not too.

Zen is Stupid excerpt

22 08 2008

One of the many podcasts I listen to is Zen is Stupid. A recent episode, episode 74, made me laugh. I usually listen to the show for insight into various topics. This time, it was all gross-out humor and laughing, right up my alley.

Zen is Stupid, Episode 74

(This podcast belongs to Gwen and Patrick, not me. Another Patrick.)