24 05 2012

Unfortunately, WordPress has not written a quick and simple shortcode for Flickr slideshows. This is really the next best thing to that and it made it easy to add a Flickr slideshow to my Photos page.

wordpress tips

As explained in part 1 of this series of posts, the gigya shortcode allows you to use flash objects in a wp.com blog.

“Flash objects” includes Flickr slideshows (but be careful with copyright issues).

If you have enabled auto-embedding in Settings>Media, then you should be able to insert a Flickr slideshow simply by pasting its URL (http…etc.etc…/show/ ) in the HTML post or page editor (thanks to Jennifer for pointing out). If this won’t work, you can use the workaround described here.

The URL model for a Flickr photo set is this:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/USERNAME/sets/ID NUMBER/

To insert it as a slideshow, you need this shortcode model:

Paste into HTML post or page editor, or into a text widget. Where I’ve…

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Things vs Wunderlist

27 04 2012

In the past, I have struggled with getting things done. I eventually resorted to a professionally-designed and developed GTD solution, called Things. Then its quality fell off a little bit. Then I started looking around for something else and I found Wunderlist.
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Traffic time sink

22 04 2012

What is the point of living in the suburbs or anywhere outside of a major city when you frequently have to return to that city on a regular basis? This really comes back to a big problem we are going to have to deal with as Americans. We are going to have to address the rise of the suburbs in the 1950s and 1960s and how they have affected our quality of life.

Riding near the canalI have lived in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana my entire life. It’s a nice place to live but there is not much to do here and my university and, possibly, my next job are in downtown Indy, half an hour away.

Often, the opportunity presents itself to bike or walk while running errands. I have sometimes found myself zipping by stationary traffic on my bike, with an admittedly smug grin on my face.

Unfortunately, I cannot eliminate driving as a necessity in my life and I do everything I can to avoid traffic jams. I always try to avoid driving during rush hour and I tend to stay off the main streets during the day. It does not just save me gas and time, it saves my sanity.

I guess this may not be particularly Earth-shattering advice, but avoiding traffic jams will make your life a little better. Rather than wasting time just sitting in your car, you can go accomplish something you actually want to do. Trying to get a little smarter about how and when I drive has definitely made my life easier.

Protected: Calculus I was awful

13 04 2012

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Protected: Developers are not code monkeys

14 03 2012

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Obligatory Limbaugh post

8 03 2012

I fully realize that this post will be about as time-sensitive as anything, but I feel like it has to be said. Rush Limbaugh has made a name for himself by being an egotistical, overbearing loudmouth. Recently, he said some things that were unbelievably prejudiced against women. In response, there was an enormous public backlash and many of his radio show’s advertisers began backing away. Naturally, this led to Limbaugh’s supporters’ cries of foul play and censorship.

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21 02 2012

Post I wrote for Science and Shit yesterday. Enjoy!

Science and Shit

A brilliant astrophotographer named Randy Halverson took some amazing time-lapse video of the night sky at different locations. Then he put them together in a video. Then he sent that video to Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary, composed music to fit the video.

What resulted from this collaboration is so beautiful and stunning that it sent chills down my spine. It has been nearly a week and I cannot keep myself from playing this again and again.

(I recommend watching it in HD.)

The universe can be so majestic. We often get so involved in our own lives that we forget to look up, watch, and put ourselves in our place. Things here on Earth can seem so important, but it is important to have a cosmic viewpoint, to see yourself and those around you in perspective.

I find it interesting how music and video can come together in a…

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