Can’t teach an old god new tricks

20 06 2011

Life is all about change. This is yet another reason why I do not accept the notion of some omnipotent, omniscient deity overseeing everything, from the grand scale of the universe to the goings-on in bedrooms on this tiny little rock.

Omniscient means you simply cannot teach god anything. It means that the Judeo-Christian notion of god would prevent that god from changing. God would be static, which must be immensely boring and tedious. Worse than that, god would be incapable of understanding his own creation. I don’t just mean humanity; he also can never understand the universe. The cosmos itself is transient. If god is permanent and unchanging, then he has no reference frame. He can only mimic kindness or sympathy.

In other words, screw god. He just doesn’t get us.




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