IUPUI’s HCI grad degree program is not suited for its students

14 09 2010

This is just me blowing off steam about my failure to succeed in grad school while working full time as a web developer.

The people who set graduate course criteria, especially at urban campuses like IUPUI need to keep in mind that most of their grad students will be working full time while going to school. This means that professors cannot treat students as though they are only taking one course and have nothing to do but work on course material.

I tried for five weeks to make graduate school and a full-time job work, but there simply are not enough hours in the day. I will admit that a small part of my decision to drop out was my fault. However, most of it came down to physics and my need for sleep.

It seemed to me that the Human-Computer Interaction Master’s program was not set up to accommodate students with regular jobs at all. This surprised the hell out of me, considering IUPUI’s history as a commuter campus and its beginning as a grad-only campus.

Unfortunately, I simply do not have enough time to complete my coursework and deliver quality material at MediaSauce, so I am about to drop out completely. I am now completely burned out on HCI and web development and right now I do not want to be involved with either for a long time.

The School of Informatics needs to retool its grad programs dramatically in order to make them more easily accessible to workers who want to expand their education. Not all of us wants loans or have scholarships to ride on.




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