An appeal to technocrats

2 08 2010

This is really just an open request to anyone who believes that science and technology are the means to achieving a brighter future for humanity. I suppose it is even a request to those who do not, as well.

As has been demonstrated time and time again throughout human history, we have an ability that most other species lack – the ability to fashion tools to more easily achieve a task. Granted, we are not the only species on Earth that has this ability. However, we seem to have taken this skill the furthest.

When we were first starting out, we created shelter and clothing for ourselves. This was a skill that allowed us to more easily endure multiple ice ages. Much later, we began to gain a meaningful understanding of the world around us and created life-saving vaccines and devices. We even sent a total of twelve people to the moon.

I do not believe these accomplishments are isolated incidents or momentary flashes of intellect and ability. We really are capable of doing some capable things. Our civilization is faced with increasingly serious threats. They will not be solved with good intentions and empty commitments. We have to solve our own problems and the people who will make it happen are scientists and engineers. We will need people with technical abilities to build a better society. More than just needing scientists and engineers, we need to inspire future generations of them. They will make even more incredible things.

I realize that this is all empty talk but we all need to keep in mind that politicians do not solve real-world problems, nor do artists, performers, or businessmen. It is the people with knowledge in their heads and tools in their hands who build and sustain civilizations. Without them, we would be nothing.




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