Advice: Don’t cross-post unless you keep tabs on all your outlets

30 01 2010

That title might seem awfully petty. This whole post might be petty. However, there is a particular habit that some of my online friends have made that irks me and brings up my own perceptions of how social media should work. This nasty habit is having your various social media accounts sync with one another while not paying attention to each of the networks where that content goes.

A simple example of this would be a Facebook update being posted to Twitter, but the user does not check on feedback from Twitter.

The whole idea of social media is to be social. One does not simply shout into the ether and not listen for a response back. The reason that you are on a social network is to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. They may want to respond to whatever it is you said and their message may fall on deaf ears because you simply could not be bothered to check on your Twitter account.

I understand that people are often fickle with social networks. Look at Friendster. That was the social network to be on. Now it has faded into the mists of time. However, if you are going to give people the impression that you are active on a particular social network, then you really should make at effort to talk back to the people who try to communicate with you in those places.

There is my rant. I realize that this is very petty, but it irritates me to no end when people act like they are listening to me when they cannot even hear me.




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