Be cool, stay in school (forever)

26 01 2010

I love school. I cannot imagine not being in school, a reality that I will likely be faced with. To myself and some other people, there is no better place to be than in an educational institution. Why not stay there forever?

Even if you are not a teacher, you still get to shape the educational system in some way. If you are an academic advisor, you get to help students plan their academic, and possibly professional, careers. If you are a software developer or systems administrator within a university, you might be creating or supporting information systems that allow for efficient comunications between students and their instructors.

There are dozens of different positions within a major university that might involve never setting foot inside a classroom. However, being there would allow you to continue your own education for years, even decades with relative ease. Go to work, go to class, go home. You could do that for years. I know I would love to have that opportunity.

I do not see myself leaving the education system happily and would love to stay here and work. It is really the best place to be to shape the future of our society and to help ensure its continuity, before the young minds here become too old and stubborn to stray from their stupidity.




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