How horror movies have become classist

5 01 2010

I recently watched “The Hills Have Eyes” and noticed a couple messages in its sick, gruesome plot. Essentially, it is a story about a middle-class family that is attacked by mutants. It is a cheesy story, one that has been done to death, so to speak and not that interesting until one starts to consider the secondary messages imbedded in the film.

The obvious message, if this film was ever meant to have one beyond senseless violence and cannibalism, is that of environmental neglect, which led to the mutation of otherwise normal people. This leads to my main point, that the attackers are lower class people and the attackees are middle class. Essentially, there is a small class war between two social classes in which almost everyone involved are largely destroyed.

This is one of the main reasons I do not enjoy horror movies. They do not just leave me unsettled. They guilt-trip me.




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