Don’t be a prick. Don’t steal software.

2 01 2010

If you are reading this, then you are on a computer or smartphone. Either of these devices will need software to be useful hardware. Do not ever take for granted the community of developers that creates software for the hardware platforms that you use on a daily basis.

I understand that there is a group of people who jailbreak their iPhones and iPod touches simply so they can put stolen iPhone applications on them. This makes me want to hit each of them in the face with a hammer. If someone charges a price for their software, then it is usually a fair price. Most of the paid iPhone apps are 99 cents. What exactly is the mechanism in your mind that would make you think that you simply cannot part with a dollar after spending at least $200 on the device it will run on?

Software developers should not be taken advantage of. They, like the rest of humanity, need to eat and live indoors. In order to do this, they require a steady flow of income from people who purchase and use their software. If they can no longer afford to do this, they will simply stop developing cool, useful software and everyone will suffer.

Much of the convenience we take for granted in our daily lives is built on the backs of people staring at glowing rectangles, spooling out reams and reams of code. They provide a vital service. If you steal indie-produced software, you are not stealing from some bi, faceless corporation. You are most likely stealing from the developer himself.

Don’t be a prick. Don’t steal software.




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