IUPUI breaks with tradition in response to parking situation

10 12 2009

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and Indiana University in general, had a record number of students, both graduate and undergraduate enroll during the Fall 2009 semester. Since IUPUI is a commuter campus, however, it relies heavily on students, instructors, and other staff to commute to campus daily and be able to find parking in short order. Because of the record enrollment, parking has been scarce on IUPUI’s urban campus, with students parking on grass, sidewalks, and any other surface they can roll their ’93 Buick LeSabres and Chevettes onto.

In response to growing complaints from the student body about being late to classes, IUPUI Parking Services has decided to only sell six permits per space on campus, as opposed to their customary nine. As a result, IUPUI simply cannot tell as many people that there is enough room for them.

Rather than giving 30,000 students the notion they can be accommodated, IUPUI can only give that same vague, implied assurance to a mere 27,000 students. This marks a serious blow to the time-honored tradition of people milling the parking lots and cussing out that fucking monster truck-driving prick who is taking up a space and a half. Seriously, who the fuck needs three feet of ground clearance in downtown Indianapolis?

Now the muffled screams of rage and frustration coming from dozens of idling vehicles will be much fainter. Said undergraduate student Steve Miller, “I think it’s a shame. Wandering aimlessly at 10 miles an hour through lot after lot is really part of the reason I came to [IUPUI] in the first place.”

IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz could not be reached for comment. However, with the addition of a new parking garage, which will be able to accommodate an additional 1,300 vehicles, it is safe to say that the decades-old tradition of searching for on-campus parking will be diminished for some time to come.




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