Echofon 2.5 review

4 12 2009

I have been using Echofon, originally Twitterfon, since February 2009. I have the free version, not the pro version. I appreciated the application’s clean layout. It has five tabs along the bottom, which cover the basic five functions in Twitter: Friends timeline, Mentions of your user name, Direct Messages, Favorites, and Search.

When I first downloaded this client, it only supported one Twitter account at a time. Multiple accounts, push notifications, Flickr upload, and a landscape keyboard are supported in the pro version. There are other features, but they are not that interesting. There is not support for lists, like you would find on Twitter’s site or in a client like TweetDeck. You can upload content to TwitPic and TwidVid with relative ease. The content is uploaded, the URL for it is automatically inserted, and the tweet is sent out.

I have to say that I am not pleased or impressed by the fact that the Echofon team decided to clutter up the top of the “All Friends timeline” window with my user name, which functions as a button to reveal all of my Twitter accounts. However, since I can only have one Twitter account at a time, it makes no sense to have a button that would ultimately display only one item. I already know what my Twitter handle is, there is no reason to display it. This can become a problem if you try to tap the top bar to scroll quickly to the top of the Twitter feed.

If you are a person with one Twitter account and following relatively few people, then the free version of Echofon might be for you. However, if you do follow a large number of people then you may want to move to a client that can handle lists, like TweetDeck. If you have multiple accounts TweetDeck or the pro version of Echofon might be better choices for you. Echofon is a neat little Twitter client that will satisfy the needs of relatively light Twitter users.




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