Apple’s smoking ban

29 11 2009

Apple recently denied warranty-covered service to Mac owners because they were smokers. Apple made the argument that the nicotine and tar that collected on the computers as a result of being kept and used in a smoking environment left the computers contaminated with toxic chemicals. Therefore, Apple said, Apple employees could not be forced to work on a product that would potentially expose them to toxic chemicals.

This such busted logic in so many ways. What does Apple think their computers are made out of? Sunshine and candy? Their computers contain chemicals like arsenic, silicon, lead, and a host of other toxic stuff. Every time anyone cracks one of them open, they are potentially exposing themselves to toxic materials. Apple has contractors who build these machines and the people manufacturing these computers in China probably do not have much of a choice about being exposed to toxic materials.

If Apple wants to stick with the smoking argument, then fine. Let’s just ignore all of the Apple employees who are smokers and would otherwise be required to repair a nicotine-contaminated computer. They certainly do not exist.

What this is, purely and simply, is a classic case of a large corporation trying to back out of the service and support that they agreed to. This is surprising for a company like Apple, whose customer service has been outstanding for several years. It really all comes back to a company trying renege on a contract it made with some of its customers and using a bogus reason to try to make it seem reasonable.




2 responses

30 11 2009
Robby Slaughter

Yes, Apple believes their computers are made out of “sunshine and candy.” Elegant, perfect, acid-free sunshine and wholly organic, all-natural candies made by beautiful people in factories designed by modern architects.

Here’s my take on the weirdness of Apple: The People of the Fruit.

11 12 2009

In shocked you wrote this one!
I thought you worshiped the ground that Apple walks on!!!
: O

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