Bringing balance to cell phone usage

23 11 2009

I am a middle-class, white, 22-year old male living in the United States and I only recently received my first cell phone. The reason that I held off for so long was because I never had the need for a cell phone. It just was not something that I ever felt was lacking in my life. For many years my friends all looked at me as though I was nuts when I mentioned I did not own a cell phone.

I believe in simplicity. Less is more in my book and if you are about to bring something new into your life, like a cell phone, ask yourself, “Is it necessary and if it isn’t, will it give me some kind of happiness?” Every time I asked myself that question, the answer was an unequivocal “No.” I say a cell phone as just another bill and an another excuse for people to whine because I choose to ignore them sometimes.

Why do you have cell phone? Did you just get one because it is in vogue to have one? Do you have one just because it is expected of you? I know I bought mine because I needed to be able to make phone calls when I did not have access to a land line. It seems that sometimes people just buy their cell phones without considering whether it is necessary.

If you do have a cell phone, consider how you use it. If if rings, do you trip over yourself to pick it up of do you flip the ringer switch, finish what you are doing, and get back to it later? Perhaps you are doing something important, like driving, and taking or making a phone call in the middle of it would hinder your ability to do both.

Consider why you have cell phone and how you use yours. It seems like a central part of modern life for many people. Perhaps we should all think more deeply about its impact upon our lives.




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