New media douchebaggery

22 11 2009

I will be plain here. I do not understand how people can call themselves “new media experts” when “new media” has been around in its present form for four or five years. To me, it is like being a guy living in Detroit in 1910 and caliming to be an expert on the automobile industry.

I follow self-proclaimed new media experts on Twitter because they can often provide valuable insights and knowledge into marketing and making connections. I love these people. I think they’re great and I have a lot of respect for them but every time I hear someone talk about how much of an expert, it makes me cringe a little on the inside. It feels as though they are just hopping on a tastefully decorated trendy bandwagon.

Lewis Black said, “I’m the greatest fucker here and all you sniveling shits would die with out me. Hahahaha.” Granted, he was talking about America’s general attitude towards the international community, but I feel it applies here. There is a difference between talking about the merits of social media and what you have learned about it so far and trumping up social media as practically the second coming of Christ.

I apologize if I seemed harsh. It is frustrating, however, to see people referring to themselves as experts in an area that is still in its first few years of existence. “Student of Social Media,” perhaps or “New Media Connoisseur.” Those terms would be a bit less grating. I realize that I am not in a position to tell anyone how to brand themselves. It just makes me cringe to hear people refer to themselves as experts in a field that is still being shaped.




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