2010 IOA stuff

9 11 2009

The 2009 Indiana Outboard Association season has come to close, with this weekend’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet at the Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park in Angola, Indiana. Good times were had by all.

The event started with a review and planning meeting being called to order at about 10:30 on the morning of November 7. The 2009 season was a very successful one for the IOA, especially when considering the state of the economy and people generally trying to tighten their belts. The Nationals at Zanesville were a success, despite a lower turnout than normal.

With more race sites available for next year than was anticipated, a temporary limit of 6 races for the 2010 season was voted on and approved. This was done so that the IOA does not overextend itself financially.

Next year’s Huntington, Indiana event is all but a certainty, as are two races in Hillsdale, Michigan. Other potential race sites for next year include Holly, Michigan, which is looking promising, as is a return to Zanesville, Ohio.
The IOA has the distinction of counting several National, North American, and High Points Champions as some of its members this year. Nine of the winners from the National Modified Championships are IOA members.

Most of the IOA drivers in attendance took home some hardware. Rick Miller, a driver who hails from Oklahoma, won in several categories. After spending much of the summer traveling from race to race with his family in a large RV, he said he spent about $5000 in fuel, just to get to all of this year’s races.

The 2009 season was enormously successful for the Indiana Outboard Association. Let’s try to make the 2010 season even better.




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