Shame and caffeine

2 11 2009

I am a caffeine addict. As a demonstration of how truly pathetic I am, I have not broken myself of my attachment to the nectar of the geeks. Don’t get me wrong. I think that caffeine can be pretty awesome in some cases. However, as hypocritical as this sounds, it probably should not be a daily habit. Withdrawal is just no fun.

Yesterday, I had no caffeine whatsoever and it felt like somebody parked a tractor trailer on my head. It was one of the worst, most vicious headaches I have had for a while.

Caffeine withdrawal can have a number of unpleasant symptoms, mostly headaches, fatigue, mood swings, and irritability, though it varies from person to person. When caffeine consumption becomes a part of your daily habit, it can be a difficult habit to break. The physical symptoms that I described earlier are just one part of caffeine withdrawal. There is also a psychological component. You get used to picking up a bottle of soda or a cup of coffee. It is just part of your routine.

Caffeine, to me, is a good booster. It should act as a “safety net.” If you feel like your energy or concentration is waning, then it should be there to give you a little boost until you have completed whatever it is you are working on. I think that it should not be used first thing in the morning and it should not be a source of energy. I think it is much better to get your energy from healthy food and sleep. I feel sluggish and depressed after I come down from caffeine. After going a couple of days without it, I find that I can focus better and get through my day much more easily.




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