Thoughts on Apple’s new tablet

7 10 2009

Rumors have been flying about for many years that Apple will do a tablet device that will be like a scaled-up iPhone. Now the news comes out that Apple’s manufacturer in China, Foxconn, is producing them for launch in the first quarter of 2010. I have to say, this only strengthens my feelings on this topic. My feelings are as such:

STOP TALKING ABOUT THE FUCKING APPLE TABLET PLEASE!!! I have been hearing podcast after podcast where pundits and others who I deeply respect go on and on about a device that has been talked about but never produced or even hinted at. They have been creating this device and the real-world need for it in their distorted minds.

This sick obsession with a purely theoretical product is hindering efforts to produce meaningful, serious discourse through new media. I can no longer listen to a Mac- or iPhone-related podcast without a third of the conversation dominated by conspicous wanking over details of a product that hasn’t even been announced yet. Blogs are only marginally better. They still go on and on about the Apple tablet. This is probably because prolific podcasters typically make for prolific bloggers.

Let it go, you guys. If Apple announces a tablet next year or in five years, then that is when it will happen. Of course, if it does come out, the bloggers and podcasters who so enthusiastically fantasized about it will criticize it for its perceived shortcomings.

If the tablet is announced, then it is announced. Until then, just let it go and be patient, PLEASE.




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