Going back for more

28 09 2009

When I began my college experience, it was August 2006 at IUPUI. My major, though unofficially declared, was a BS in Geology from IU. That one year at IUPUI taught me a lot. I had only one geology-related course and it bored me to tears. I thought I might enjoy it because I had always had an interest in the field in the past, but it turns out that it was completely unsuitable for a career path for me.

After my first year of college ended, I decided to do an intercampus transfer and headed down to Indiana University’s main campus in Bloomington. My new major? Astronomy and Astrophysics. As it turns out, there is a great deal of math involved in such a major. I became depressed more than usual down there and was unable to focus. I eventually flunked out of Calculus I. I ended my stay in Bloomington after only one semester and returned home to Indianapolis.

After my second intercampus transfer and major change, I was back at IUPUI majoring in Informatics in January 2008. I thought the classes were pretty interesting and I definitely saw myself coming out of this program with a fun, well-paying job. At the end of next year’s spring semester, May 2010, I will have graduated with a BS in Informatics. I left Bloomington and never looked back.

Now, I am looking back. A few days ago, I went to visit my sister, who is now a sophomore at IU in Bloomington and loving it. I had not been back there since I left in December 2007. This came up in conversation and my sister and mother asked me if I had considered going back to Bloomington to finish my Astrophysics degree. I have to say since I had such a miserable time down there, the thought had never occurred to me until that moment. Then I started doing research, figuring out what classes I would need, how long it would take, and where I could live while I was down there.

I do not know what my attitudes toward going back for another Bachelor’s degree will be in a week or two, but at the moment I really want to try it. It could be fun, presuming I am able to pass Calculus I the second time around.




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