Urban Exploration Project

2 06 2009

Back in March, I was driving through Broad Ripple when I had an interesting idea. I have driven through that part of down hundreds of times in my nearly 22 years. However, I haven’t left Broad Ripple Avenue or College Avenue too often. It occurred to me that there is a huge part of this interesting, nearby neighborhood that I haven’t seen, despite the fact that I have been driving/riding through it my entire life.

Then it occurred to me that the warmer months were fast approaching and I would need places to ride my bicycle. I also want to practice my photography. As I was heading home, I decided that I would pack up my camera, mount my bicycle, and explore some of Indianapolis’ interesting neighborhoods that I had given only a casual glance.

So far, I have only committed to exploring Broad Ripple and the area surrounding Massachusetts Avenue. I have already spent much time riding around the canal downtown, but I don’t mind doing it again and again.

So, there’s my summer project. Anyone want to join me for a bike ride?




One response

3 06 2009

I do, I do!!!
You are an awesome writter!
Have you ever thought about journalism?
Maybe political or opinionated?
I like to read your material!!

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