I need to get out more often (for blogging)

9 02 2009

I have been wracking my brain for blog topics. I suppose the best way to go about writing an interesting blog post is to actually go out and get some real-world experiences. Then come back to the computer and write about them and reflect on them. The problem for me is that I do not really get outside the house very often.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe all I need to keep pumping out 2-3 posts a week is just a steady stream of information from the web. Of course, people are so interconnected on the internet, that it becomes an echo chamber, where the same five ideas and ten stories bounce from person to person. I do not wish to become like that. I try to develop my own opinions about various tech and political issues.

I can definitely see how getting out and experiencing the world first hand could potentially help me to become a better writer and a better thinker. I do not believe it can be healthy to simply get all of my information and opinions from the web. Taking into account all of the interconnectivity that goes on online, the web can be thought of as a single source of information. However, I do enjoy listening to many of the TWiT podcasts and reading Ars Technica. I love it when I find a little personal blog with a keen insight into a given topic. That is always fun.

I guess I need to try to grow my offline social circle a bit. It would help to get some thought and insight from people here with me. Maybe I should even try taking a few trips around the Indianapolis/central Indiana area. This is going to be fun.




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