iPhone/iPod touch simplicity

5 02 2009

I am the proud owner of an iPod touch and I have to sat that I love it. It is a terrific device for anyone who needs to do online stuff, but doesn’t have time to sit down at a full-fledged computer. It really is a great device, one I find myself missing when I am without it. (I think I might be addicted.)

I hear tech pundits like Leo Laporte and Justine Ezarik bragging about how many pages of iPhone apps they have. I believe they are at somewhere around eight pages, with sixteen applications each, plus four in the dock at the bottom. I got up to four pages, with a few more apps spilling onto a fifth. This was a little overwhelming if I wanted to find a specific app and I could not remember where I had placed it. So I recently connected my iPod touch to my computer and did an inventory of what I needed and did not need to carry around with me. There were lots of easy choices. Before I knew it, I was able to eliminate nearly twenty applications and hyperlinks from my home screen. It was so satisfying to clean house like that and my productivity on my iPod touch has improved noticeably. (Notice Twitterrific, eBay Mobile, and Galcon Lite are now easily accessible on the first page for maximum efficiency.)

Below are screenshots of all three pages of my iPod touch home screen. It’s good.





One response

5 02 2009

Good Blog!
My iPhone holds 9 pages of 16.
I need to discard several apps that I dl’ed
but do not use, or ones that my neice or
nephew have, that’s why I try to keep it
away from them now!!!

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