A case for Indiana switching to Pacific time

30 10 2008

No, you not misread the title. I did imply Indiana should switch to Pacific time. Why? Why else would I suggest something this expensive and grandiose? Because it fits with my own selfish needs and desires. Hey, that’s why our own Governor, Mitch Daniels, got Indiana to adopt daylight savings time in 2006. But this blog post is not about Mitch Daniels and all the boneheaded moves he has made during his term as governor of Indiana. No, like many things, this is about me.

I have kind of a bizarre sleep schedule by Indiana standards. I go to bed around 2am. Wake up around nine or ten o’clock in the morning and then go about my day. I can get away with this because I work in the afternoon primarily and all of my classes are either in the late afternoon or early evening. I have taken flak for this, especially when I was in high school. Classes started at 7:30 in the morning, requiring me to be up by 6am. This made reconciling academic success with my sleep schedule highly problematic.

Recently, I came to a realization. To borrow a quote from Star Trek, “If there’s nothing wrong with me, then there must be something wrong with the universe!” I realized that I am not really a nocturnal person. I am actually a normal person who has been operating in a different time zone all along! So, when you go through my schedule again, it all makes sense. I go to bed around 11pm. Wake up around six or seven o’clock in the morning and then go about my day. For my Tuesday shift at work, I’m not showing up at 1pm, it’s really 10am. This morning, I a really early riser. I woke up at 4:30am (7:30am ET) and was at work by 7am. I am such a hard worker!

So my case is this, by switching to Pacific time, everyone will be three hours early. Of course, we can’t simply pass a law to make it official. No, leave all the office and classroom clocks alone. We should all operate on Eastern time, but think of it as Pacific time. That will carry people like a long, long way.

If you are confused, I understand. I cannot say I understand it entirely myself. Time zones have that effect on people. At least they’re good for the occasional bizarre blog post.




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