Twitter, 31 days later

1 05 2008

I got a Twitter account on April 7th of this year. I thought it would be appropriate for me to write a brief review of the service after a month of use. I do not have much experience writing real reviews of products or services. So, here goes.

For those who are unaware, Twitter is a free online service that allows anyone to share what they are doing or thinking at any moment. Messages must be 160 characters or less, including spaces. If you want to post a long link, you can use a service like TinyURL. Also, they can “follow” others as well as send other Twitterers tweets and private messages. Like most other online services, Twitter can rapidly become addictive.

In addition to getting my free Twitter account, I also got a free Twitter client called Twitterrific. It sits on top of all of your application windows and is configurable and resizable. It will periodically update itself with new Tweets from the people you follow, including yourself. Also, you can write new Tweets in Twitteriffic and post them. It saves me lots of trouble when trying to post and read my Tweets.

Overall, I would recommend Twitter, Twitteriffic, and TinyURL, all working together to keep your friends updated on what you are doing. If you are even a little bit into social networking, microblogging, or the web, I would encourage you to check out these three services.




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