Looks like I’m going

19 03 2008

I have made some commitments that I have forgotten since I made them. Keep in mind, that I made most of those commitments during the whirldwind clusterfucktastic period that was last semester, a period of time in which I was more focused on not failing myself rather than keeping my word with others. Anyway, I guess I’m going racing this summer. My dad wants to go to all the IOA races plus one in Michigan and another in Ontario. For those who do not know, our boats travel in a 2,000 pound trailer that is pulled by a monster-sized Suburban. Plus, the boats themselves take at least 5 gallons of fuel at every race. This will not be cheap.

I really do want to go to these races. I have friends who I only get to see there. Plus, the racing itself is okay. I’m just worried that it will cost too much this year.




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