Je me sens bien, merci.

3 03 2008

I feel pretty good today. I am not sure what it is. Even though it is raining outside, the temperature is well above freezing. That is a welcome change. I can go outside with a light jacket on and without gloves without worrying about loosing digits. Spring break is less than a week away and I can pretty much coast through this week. Granted, I have some reading for Ethics and an online midterm exam for INFO-I101. I101 is really easy, so that will not be a problem. It’s getting warmer and I am looking forward to the summer. I prefer the skull-baking heat to the bitter cold because at least, in the heat, I can still have a thought. The cold always interrupts my thoughts. “Hey you know, I really should- FUCK IT’S COLD!!!!” Sorry for the Lewis Black bit, but it’s true.




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