Racing Season 2008

19 02 2008

I have agreed to maintain the website for the Indiana Outboard Association this year, and probably even beyond that. I still intend to perform that duty. However, I am beginning to wonder if I will actually race next year. I would still like to go, but I may not actually race this summer. Racing is costly, it is exhausting, and it gives me one more thing to stress over. Then again, when I win, it becomes a great deal of fun again. However, I will probably take on a job this summer and I may not have time to do maintenance on my boat. I am considering simply going to races, either with my dad or on my own. When I get there, I can focus on helping him race, help the club set up and tear down, and mainly to get photos, lots and lots of photos. Who knows what will happen? I was planning on repainting my boat and fixing some damage done during testing in the fall. I do not know if I will have the time or money for either of these. Oh, well. We shall see.

Huntington 2006




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