Macworld 2008 wrap-up

22 01 2008

Hi there!

I didn’t go to Macworld although I did want to. After Macworld last year, I felt a little disappointed, which is hard not to be after a Macworld keynote. We all go in with these preconceived notions and a very long wishlist, but we rarely get everything that we want. I wanted to see a second generation iPhone, cheaper iMacs, a mid-range mini tower, and a subnotebook. We got the subnotebook, but it is way, way out of my price range. The MacBook Air is a beautiful piece of technology. There was an update for the iPhone and iPod touch. However, those were largely evolutionary updates that existed to pave the way for the iPhone SDK due out next month, which will allow for the organization of third-party apps on the Home Screen. While that is a cool feature, it is not very useful until third-party apps start to roll out, which will not be until late March at the earliest.

I would really like to see a cheaper iPhone with 3G connectivity and/or a new cube. I don’t know if anyone reading remembers, but Apple made a computer called the Power Mac G4 Cube back in 2000. It didn’t sell very well, but it was a beautiful machine and I had the good fortune to see one in person at a local CompUSA. It was a Power Mac G4 crammed into an 8-inch cube, suspended in polycarbonate plastic. It made no compromises, aside from the lack of blank PCI card slots. You can find out more about it here: I would like to see a new one, but in aluminum. What I would like to see is a miniature version of the Mac Pro, but with the specs of the iMac and still retaining the 8-inch cube shape and size. That would be awesome.

Well, that does it for that rant. See ya later!




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